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The labor shortage is raising questions.

Does your business have answers?

Today’s historic labor shortage means more than just a lag in hiring. Having overstrained, absent, or untrained workers carries insurance risks, from increased injuries and professional and product liabilities, to more auto accidents and damaged equipment. We’re sharing risk mitigation strategies and tips to attract and retain workers. Because tackling the labor shortage takes talent — we can help.

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The historic labor shortage’s impact on insurance

The combined forces of pandemic disruptions, the “great resignation,” and the “great retirement” are creating a historic labor shortage. Here’s how to stay on top of the rising risks businesses are facing today.

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5 ways to navigate the labor shortage and mitigate risk

The labor shortage has impacted virtually every industry. Here are five ways to address this challenge and mitigate risk, from motivating, hiring, and training workers to re-evaluating your risk-management program.

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9 key labor shortage risks businesses should know

A historic labor shortage caused by long-term factors and pandemic disruption is affecting all industries. Here are key risks to watch to help your company get through it.

The Risk Matrix, produced by the editorial team at Risk & Insurance®, plots critical risks facing the construction sector based on the frequency and severity of each risk.

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An industry-focused approach to labor shortage risks

Construction wages are increasing, so why is there still a shortage?

Even though the worst of COVID-19 seems to be over and wages in construction are at an all-time high, the industry labor shortage is as dire as ever.

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Navigating labor shortages in the energy sector: 4 strategies to mitigate risk

The energy sector is experiencing a serious labor shortage, even as projects rebound, post-pandemic. This article explores four ways energy companies can mitigate their risk when they are short-staffed.

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Navigating the healthcare labor shortage: ways to limit the impact

Healthcare is experiencing an unprecedented labor shortage—and it’s leading to an exhausted and burned-out workforce. Find out how healthcare leaders can mitigate the risks associated with staffing shortages.

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Labor shortage in manufacturing: causes, risks, and solutions

The manufacturing industry continues to suffer from a labor shortage that has heightened workplace injury, product liability, and property damage risks for manufacturing businesses. Fortunately, these risks can be mitigated by taking steps to retain current staff while broadening the pool of potential new hires.

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3 risks for the post pandemic wholesaler- distributors industry

Advancing technology and the effects of COVID-19 will propel change in the industrial equipment and supplies wholesaler-distributor industry over the next decade. In this blog, we lay out the impact of digital transformation on the industry’s workforce and how businesses can protect themselves so they can keep meeting booming demand.

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