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Key Predictions for P&C Lines

COVID-19 has significantly impacted the property and casualty market, causing major disruptions in nearly all lines of business. To proactively address these issues requires having a better understanding of the challenges ahead and how to best respond. Take a look at this interactive infographic, detailing key predictions for the largest product lines and how businesses can respond.

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Management Liability Challenges in 2021

The uncertainties of COVID-19 have management liability lines grappling with emerging market challenges that will most certainly continue well into the new year. Find out what’s driving this “new normal” and what lies ahead.

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Long-term COVID Impacts on Workers Compensation Claims

Long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are an emerging health issue which could affect the recovery and duration of workers compensation claims for healthcare workers. Here are three potential worker compensation claim impacts of ‘Long-COVID’ that employers should consider.

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Maintaining Businesses Continuity Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for businesses as they focus on efforts to create a safe workplace for employees while maintaining productivity. As we move into 2021, businesses must continue to holistically address pandemic-related risk mitigation efforts in four key areas.

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