The specialist for guarantees in Belgium

Our Liberty Mutual Surety Belgium team specializes in offering guarantees for every kind of company and beneficiary.

Our clients are well-known with robust finances — the guarantee requirements from their core activities generally exceed EUR 1.000.000.

When you work with our surety specialists you’ll benefit from:

  • Fast, personalized, and expert processing of applications
  • Guarantees that do not tie up capital
  • Guarantee applications that can be filed and reviewed 24/7

Learn more about our guarantees in Belgium.

  • Construction and capital goods

    The construction and capital goods industries work with a wide variety of bonds, guaranteeing project execution and the supply of merchandise. We offer:

    • Bid bonds
    • Tender guarantees
    • Performance bonds
    • Delivery bonds
    • Deposit guarantees
    • Prepayment bonds
    • Maintenance bonds
    • Breyne law (5%) and housing completion bonds
  • Transport and logistics

    Customs bonds

    Belgian and European Union (EU) legislation often requires freight companies, forwarding agents, customs agents, companies with excise warehouses, and businesses generally involved in import and export to post guarantees.

    These are guarantees related to the deferred payment of VAT and excise duty at the moment of importation (monthly payments), drawing up community documents, exemption from customs duties, storage of goods in a customs warehouse and in an excise warehouse, and seaport dues.

  • Other guarantees

    Liberty Mutual Surety also issues other guarantees, including but not limited to:

    • Fiscal representation
    • Taxes on motor vehicles
    • Waste export
    • Compliance with environmental regulations
    • Liability for legal process
    • Rental agreements


    Our role as a specialist provider requires us to respond frequently to new developments by creating new products. We can accommodate requests for exceptional procedures and special arrangements.

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