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Risk control tools for the current climate

Risk control tools for the current climate

We are here to help you navigate these uncertain times.

Risk control services are available to meet your needs, even in a changing world.  As businesses work to address the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19, Liberty Mutual is here to assist. Our dedicated teams of risk control experts provide responses and recommendations that help you prepare and protect your business. From industrial hygiene techniques to critical property protocol, we’re coordinating solutions that you can use to mitigate your risk during this unprecedented time.   

Industrial hygiene

Our team of certified industrial hygienists is addressing critical client questions around safety equipment – whether it’s finding alternative solutions or adapting use to maximize safety. As stockpiles of face masks, filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs), and sanitizing/disinfecting materials become depleted or if your operations have changed to meet this critical need, we’re available to provide information and guidance on:

  • N95 face mask alternatives
  • Approved methods of disinfecting N95 facepiece respirators for reuse in approved industries
  • Making your own alcohol-based hand sanitizer in accordance with CDC guidelines
  • Occupational disease exposure assessments via photo submission and other virtual consulting activities


We are diligently working alongside our customers to address crucial property issues. As your business operations shift focus or potentially change in scale, property protections are a critical concern that we understand. Our property engineers are readily available to:

  • Conduct no-cost virtual surveys, through remote tools in conjunction with personnel still present on-site, or by conducting phone surveys. Both of these methods can help with ongoing insurance program quotes for current customers and prospects.
  • Consult on a specific issue or area of concern, whether around regular operations or a challenge posed by this unique situation.
  • Provide consultations on new construction projects and other planned facility/operations changes.
  • Answer your questions about a developing issue via our 24/7 impairment hotline or address a specific emergency response.

Consulting Center

To better support your changing operations, our virtual consulting center is working remotely to provide faster response times and assist with your industry-specific needs. These long-established teams of qualified virtual consultants are more important than ever as they continue to identify solutions and provide you with resources in this rapidly changing environment.

We’re working alongside you by:

  • Using cutting-edge technology to virtually observe tasks and processes at any location and provide consultations
  • Proactively following up on timely and relevant information sent to clients, so they have the right technical support
  • Fielding inquiries from essential businesses, such as grocery stores, and those that support them
  • Helping assess specific changes in operations and subsequent new and unexpected exposures, such as:
    • Manufacturers shifting production
    • Many industries transitioning to working from home
    • Schools that have volunteers delivering meals
    • Identifying virtual training opportunities

Our dedicated consulting center (1-866-757-7324) is available 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET Monday through Friday to help with your risk control and property needs.

As we continue to adapt to the changing landscape of COVID-19, we are here to help manage the on-going risk factors to your business. Additional information on our COVID-19 preparedness and response services, along with insights from our specialists, is available here.

Your safety and well-being are our primary concern. These suggestions are general in nature, so please ensure that any activities you contemplate comply with all federal, state, and local COVID-19 orders impacting your facilities or operations as well as CDC guidelines for social distancing, hygiene, and other recommended best practices.

Our risk control services are advisory only. We assume no responsibility for: managing or controlling customer safety activities, implementing any recommended corrective measures, or identifying all potential hazards. No attempt has been made to interpret any referenced codes, standards, or regulations. Please refer to the appropriate government authority for interpretation or clarification.

This website is general in nature, and is provided as a courtesy to you. Information is accurate to the best of Liberty Mutual’s knowledge, but companies and individuals should not rely on it to prevent and mitigate all risks as an explanation of coverage or benefits under an insurance policy. Consult your professional advisor regarding your particular facts and circumstance. By citing external authorities or linking to other websites, Liberty Mutual is not endorsing them.