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New restoration services extend a lifeline to disaster-stricken businesses

New restoration services extend a lifeline to disaster-stricken businesses

Extreme weather can wreak havoc on businesses, destroying buildings and equipment, making workspaces potentially unsafe, halting production and revenue, and more. Professional help is critical to get business back on track as soon as possible and help prevent further loss. But during catastrophic events, finding the right help isn’t always easy.

That’s why Liberty Mutual created a new full-service restoration program that provides midsize and large businesses a one-stop solution, with rapid, professional support when disaster strikes.

All the help you need, from emergency planning to rebuilding

When a hurricane, wildfire, or other catastrophe happens, we’ll provide the option to start your claim and set up commercial mitigation and restoration at the same time with nationally recognized professionals. Our providers are ready to do it all: plan ahead, respond to emergencies, secure resources, deliver estimates, and rebuild damaged property.

Before a catastrophe

  • Custom emergency plans designed to each customer’s specific geographic and industry needs and ready to activate in case of catastrophe

After a catastrophe

  • Rapid, same-day response to water and fire emergencies
  • Full reconstruction services:
    • Roofing repairs/replacements
    • Fire and water damage repair or rebuild
    • Hazardous material remediation
    • Industrial/manufacturing line repairs
    • Catastrophe response

Speeding recovery amidst challenging situations

Our mitigation and restoration services have three major benefits for customers:

  1. Restoring operations promptly, which could help reduce down time
  2. Simplifying restoration and rebuilding by combining the claims and repair processes
  3. A preplanned response strategy, ready to put in place should disaster occur, that focuses on returning to normal as soon as possible

These valuable services come with special features customers can appreciate, including: 

  • Potential for discounted invoicing
  • Three-year warranties on all work
  • Partnership agreements that make it easier to settle claims
  • Timely service

Our industry-leading program is designed to help clients stem losses, at a time when catastrophic events like hurricanes, floods, and fires are happening more frequently. To learn more about our new restoration services, contact your Liberty Mutual representative.

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