Economic risk strategies

Economic risk strategies

Hold steady through the cycle

With today’s unpredictable economy, it’s essential to rely on a carrier who can deliver a solid risk response. Our top industry analysts share their macro trends to watch, as well as key takeaways that can help you make the right choices for your organization. Together, we’ll work to temper the turbulence and find a clear way forward.

All in speaker series: economic volatility

Check out our panel of leaders’ discussion on the impact of inflation and economic volatility on the insurance industry and commercial insurance buyers. Watch as they share their perspectives on trends and transitions facing businesses and the global economy.

Economic volatility

Navigating economic uncertainty: Volatility, inflation and the insurance outlook for 2023

The current economy is far from stable. Choppy financial waters can lead to less capital flowing toward risk mitigation, loss controls, workforce safety, and compliance. We’ll explore the challenges we expect clients to face in today’s economy, and how we can provide the best response together.

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3 risk-management trends to watch in 2023

With market volatility, inflation, pandemic, and labor shortage issues all converging at the same time, it’s more critical than ever to protect and improve your risk environment. If recent events have shifted your company’s risk profile, our holistic approach can help ensure you’re prepared to weather current conditions and beyond.

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Economic Risk Matrix

Infographic: 11 ways inflation and economic volatility are influencing insurance in 2023

Today’s economy has impacted virtually every industry. Here are key risks to watch to help your company get through it.

The following Risk Matrix, produced by the editorial team at Risk & Insurance®, highlights the likely impact and frequency of 11 critical issues stemming from inflation And economic volatility.

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Inflation and insurance

Liberty Mutual Canada: impact of inflation on insurance

The long-term effects of the current risk environment are uncharted territory, but the immediate impact on underwriting, reserving, and cost of claims can be understood with some level of clarity.

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Inflation and the renewal

Liberty Mutual Reinsurance: inflation and the renewal

Liberty Mutual Re’s Chief Actuary, Hetul Patel, discusses meeting the challenges posed by inflation and several strategies to deal with these issues affecting property portfolios in The Insurer.

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