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War and terrorism insurance for business: the role of property collaboration

War and terrorism insurance for business: the role of property collaboration

Companies looking for stable, dependable partners to help protect them against attacks, hijackings, sabotage, unrest, or war might seek our standalone war and terrorism insurance or might look for that coverage as part of their property insurance. Understanding the difference and relationship between the two is key to effective war and terrorism risk management and can help businesses find the right solution for their needs.

In this video, Liberty leaders discuss effective collaboration between war and terrorism experts, specialty property experts, business leaders, and their broker partners in helping to protect companies from political crisis and instability.

War and terrorism property coverage

Jennifer Rubin, Head of War & Terrorism, and Ed Mazman, EVP Specialty Property, discuss standalone war and terrorism insurance and how effective collaboration with property experts can better deliver its benefits to business.

To learn more about business protection from these ever-present concerns, visit our war and terrorism page.

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